Farm Field Trips

Cricklewood Farm offers a fun and educational experience for your students during the fall season! Our tours strive to correlate with the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum and are geared to grades JK to grade 3.  Topics covered will be adjusted according to the grade level of the class. All of our programs can be modified to meet Preschool needs. Come join us and learn all about how we grow the food you eat and the land on which we live.

Morning Farm Tours Start at 9:30 – 10:00;   Afternoon Farm Tours Start at 12:00 – 12:30
Fall Tours Available:   Tuesday to Friday, Sept to Oct


How to Pay:

A single payment is required when you arrive. We accept school cheques, Interac, Visa, and Mastercard. If you need invoicing, please notify us at the time of booking.

Please note –
• There is a minimum charge of 20 students for each tour.
• There must be a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 students.
• Teachers and supervisors at this ratio do not have to pay.
• Any extra supervisors beyond this ratio will have to pay the charge for the tour option the class has chosen.


• A tour date can only be held for 24 hours without deposit during the booking process.
• With extreme weather, rain dates can be arranged or trips can be cancelled.
• Tours must be cancelled at least one week in advance.


Additional Information & Tour Tips

• All of our tour activities are outdoors and take place regardless of the weather. Please have the children dress appropriately…in layers.
• Children must be under the supervision of their teachers and adults at all times.
• We only have one tour/lunch area. We can accommodate a lunch for morning tours for only ½ hour since afternoon tours will need that same area when they arrive.
• Please know the number of children and adults who are attending. As numbers can change on the day of your trip, do a double count on the bus while driving to the farm.
• We ask that you arrive promptly at your reserved time … if for some reason your group arrives late we may have to shorten or omit some activities.


Tour Options

Corn Maze Adventure Walk -$3.85 ($3.41 + .95 HST) -1½ hours
• Children explore and discover their way through the many twists and turns in the large 6-acre corn maze.
• They will learn to cooperate and discover different strategies they can use to work their way out.
• Answers to puzzle sheets are found throughout the maze.
• Each child will receive a prize to take home.
For the younger grades, the walk through the maze is tiring and we recommend leaving the maze early at one of the escape routes.

The Fall Harvest Tour – $8.00 ($7.08 + .92 HST) – 1½ hours
• A walk to the corn fields where we discuss grain corn and sweet corn, parts of the plant, how they grow, and their uses and origins
• A visit to the orchard to learn about different varieties of apples, the divergent qualities an apple can have and how apples are grown and harvested.
• In the pumpkin and squash fields, learn about their life cycle, what they need to grow, and how we grow them.
• Time to explore the mini corn maze
• A learning activity of your choice – butter making or bee an insect

– Butter Making. Children will learn how to make butter. Ages 5 to 10
– Bee An Insect. Children learn about insect anatomy by dressing up a volunteer to look like a bee and pollination. Ages 5 to 10.
• Playtime at the picnic area
• Activity sheets for each student and teachers to take home.
• Each child gets to pick an apple and mini pumpkin (Supply dependent on the availability of farm grown pumpkins).
• Each class takes home a Hallowe’en pumpkin and a bag of apples.

Corn Maze & Fall Harvest Tour Combined– $10.75 ($9.50 + 1.25 HST) -4 hours
The tour through the orchard and fields is combined with an exploration of the large corn maze. It includes everything offered in the fall harvest tour and corn maze adventure – a prize for each child, a learning activity, apples, pumpkins, activity sheets, playtime. . . A tour through the mini maze is not included.

A time of ½ hr. to 45 min is allotted for lunch.

To Book Your Farm Tour:

Call Beth at (613)475-4293;          Email us:

OR you may fill in this form with ink and mail or drop it off.


Thank you for considering Cricklewood Farm for your next learning adventure.